Generations: A War Story (full-length; 2023)

5 W; 2 M; 10 Any; 5 doubled

There are soldiers everywhere.

Some are obvious; some are masked as a small child or a secretary.

In Generations: A War Story, a war is going on – a war within a war within a war – at an industrial corporation filled with soldiers from the past, the present, and the future.

Piece of the Sky (full-length; 2018)

3 M; 2 W; 2 Any

Piece of the Sky
For Performance Rights to Piece of the Sky, please contact Next Stage Press at the link above.

What You Sow (one-act; 2024)

1 W 2 M

Maya has come home to confront her father, Clyde, about the physical abuse of her brother, CJ. But when Clyde suffers a stroke, Maya must choose whether to help him or let him die.

Holy Night (one-act; 2023)

1 W; 1 TM

Max and Barb meet at a Bus stop just outside of Middletown, Pennsylvania, on the night before Christmas. The two are sharing their often uncomfortable thoughts on family and the meaning of the holidays when Max notices a bright light in the sky, one that Barb cannot see.

The Godot Particle (one-act; 2022)

1 W; 1 M; 1 Any

In The Godot Particle, an absurdist homage to Waiting for Godot, two physicists, Valerie and Edwin, struggle with a reality-altering decision: to flip a switch in the CERN laboratory, wake up and potentially alter the world, or do nothing and live with the nothing that happens. They are joined by Godwin, a mysterious ‘observer’ who may be more than they seem to be.

Silent Night (one-act; 2022)

2 W

In the short play “Silent Night,” Ash and her wife Parker are dealing with horrifying explosions, both real and imagined, that threaten their home, their relationship, and even their very sense of reality. In a test of loyalty, the partners must choose whose world to live in.  

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