Beth Huber

Playwright; Actor; Lyricist; Songwriter

Biography of a Life in Progress

About Beth Huber

“Beth Huber is a humanist in the best sense of the word, an empathetic and devoted teacher-scholar who is deeply devoted to the belief that through art, her students, colleagues, academic and personal communities can work towards a greater intellectual and moral good.”

Dr. Laura Wright, author of The Vegan Studies Project

Beth Huber spent thirteen years performing, choreographing, directing, and stage managing with theater companies in Kansas City and the surrounding areas as well as touring with a USO production of Godspell throughout Europe in the time before the wall fell. She’s laid on the floor of a tour bus in hot pants and clown makeup on the Czechoslovakian border during an air raid, so nothing much fazes her. Speaking of skimpy costumes, Huber also played Janet in the first KC equity production of the Rocky Horror Show and won a “Best of Theater in Non-Traditional Venues” award for her cast’s work in KC’s glitziest gay bar, The Cabaret, in a charity event for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Foundation. She eventually left the theater to raise 2 children and 2 million, give or take, dogs. But after a mind-blowing experience in Utah involving outdoor hot-tubs and mountain ghosts, she developed an obsession with quantum physics, and that led her to try to make sense of her experiences through playwriting. She now teaches playwriting and classical rhetoric as an Associate Professor at Western Carolina University. Huber has written three full-length plays, several one-acts, and a number of academic and popular essays. She is currently published by Next Stage Press. Beth Huber is happy to be back in the theater community and is ready to explain mountain ghosts to anyone who will listen.

Snapshots of a Life Made of Questionable Choices

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